Ranger Services of Appleton Wisconsin, is an Urban Forestry Management - Consulting firm providing technical assistance to communities of all sizes. The staff of consultants at Ranger Services is dedicated to promoting the science of arboriculture and the proper management of our Urban Forests.

Street Tree Ordinance Development/Revision

Street tree ordinances are the legal foundation upon which successful urban forestry programs are built. Street tree ordinances empower and define the duties of those individuals directly responsible for tree care. Street tree ordinances establish guidelines for maintenance practices and procedures. Street tree ordinances must reflect the unique needs of each municipality. Ranger Services can develop a street tree ordinance policy, or revise an existing one, to accommodate your communities needs.

Urban Forestry Management Plans

Effective street tree management plans and programs are based on an accurate assessment of the tree population. The Urban Forest composition will dictate the management techniques within a management plan. Pruning roations may be lengthened, vigorous planting programs may be initiated, or the removal of a large number of hazardous trees may all be deemed necessary, based on the information supplied in a tree inventory.

Urban Forestry Program Development

Ranger Services will develop comprehensive street tree management programs which will provide essential care throughout a tree's life. Municipalities are broken into management units. Maintenance programs are then developed within these management units based on the individual tree's maintenance requirements.

Tree Maintenance Training Programs

Ranger Services offers a diversified line of training programs aimed at improving the arborists ability to care for trees. All of our courses provide a unique mixture of classroom and outdoor, hands-on experience. By offering a wide range of subjects and material, Ranger Services can tailor programs and course content to meet your specific needs. Course length may vary from one to three days, depending upon the material covered.
Construction Damage Rope and Saddle Climbing Techniques
Young Tree Pruning Methods and Techniques Pruning Physiology
Insect/Disease Control Techniques Hazard Tree Assesment
Tree Planting Techniques Removal Techniques
Mature Tree Pruning Methods and Techniques Aerial Rescue
Tree Fertilization Techniques