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Avoiding Tree Damage During Construction | Risk Tree Assessment

Tree Pruning

Our staff at Ranger Services is made up of ISA certified arborists who use their knowledge of how plants work with a combination of advanced climbing and rigging techniques to help provide you with the most professional tree care service available. Trees are not all the same and our staff of arborists will be able to determine your trees particular pruning requirements and outline them on a free estimate. Pruning is done by climbing with a traditional rope and saddle system that allows us to minimize lawn damage and gives us access to tight areas where large equipment cannot be used examples include: hillsides, small backyards and woodlots. We can prune your trees to improve your curb appeal and manage your property to get the most out of your trees.

The pruning of young trees to promote good form and structure is essential to get a tree off to a healthy life. By pruning when a tree is young, it costs less money and can help prevent future problems associated with older trees. Young tree pruning is one of the most important things you can do to maximize the investment of a new tree. Medium and large trees are pruned for a variety of reasons including promoting good structure, health, vigor and aesthetics. In addition, these trees can be pruned to remove hazards such as deadwood and broken limbs, limbs pruned to provide house/building clearance, raising the canopies of trees to improve sunlight for lawns and gardens, and improve overall aesthetics of the trees. We can also prune your trees to improve your view of lakes, rivers or other desirable features.
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Tree Removals and Stump Grinding

We can remove a wide variety of trees. Our self propelled stump grinder is very turf friendly and can fit through a standard 36” gate. We offer full clean up of stump grindings with the option of adding topsoil and seed or leaving the debris for mulch or garden mix. Allow us to transform your woodlot by removing invasive species, dead or dying trees and outline a plan for you to incorporate native trees and shrubs back to your property.
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Tree Support systems

If you have a tree that has a large split or has water weeping out of a branch union you probably have some kind of structural defect in your tree. Have one of our ISA certified arborists stop out and we can evaluate your tree and see if it is necessary to install a supplemental tree support system or if pruning would be a better option. We have traditional choices like extra high strength steel cable and threaded rod, as well as newer dynamic systems that are not invasive and can be more appropriate depending on the tree and situation. Installing a tree support system can increase safety for you and your property while adding years to the life of your trees.
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Tree Cable DiagramHere is a simple diagram of Cabling a Splitting Tree

Avoiding Tree Damage During Construction

If you have a woodlot or just a single tree that you would like to build or remodel around it is important to consult an arborist to evaluate your trees before the construction process. Steps can be taken to help insure your trees will make it through the construction process with tree preservation barriers or amending the soil in advance to help counter problems associated with construction damage. Soil compaction is one example of construction damage that cannot be seen and can take up to seven years to start to show up in the health of the tree. When you start to see construction damage it is often too late and is very difficult to counter the damage.
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Risk Tree Assessment

If you have ever had any questions on that large tree close to your house or hanging over your children’s play set you should consult one of our ISA certified arborists to evaluate your trees. You will receive a written report on the health and structural condition of the trees in questions. The report will also have recommendations if the tree needs to removed/pruned or if there are other options to help increase the health and vigor of your trees.
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Tree Appraisal

Trees offer many benefits to us from cleaner air quality to shading your home in the summer, saving you money on electrical costs. They also can also increase your property value and your overall look of your home. But if one of your trees gets damaged by negligence or accident, consult one of our arborists to determine a dollar value to compensate you for your lose. We use a national standardized formula to determine dollar values for damage ranging from broken branches to complete tree lose.
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